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Experience the new technology in 2-stroke and 4-stroke pipe repair that won't leave your pipe looking like it was charred in a bad fire somewhere!

Order ahead, when your pipe arrives it's first in line!
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Fill in and submit the form below before you ship. Please include all information requested. You may send up to 5 pipes at the same time.  We'll be ready for your pipe and it will speed up the whole process!

Click here for 1990 pipes and newer

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1st Pipe: $18.00
Each additional pipe: $12.00
Because of the size of box necessary for your pipe, air shipment options are extremely expensive. We can ship air but you would need to call in for pricing. However, expect $80+ for 2nd Day Air and more for next day.
Add extra value to your order without any additional shipping charge:
The Works Finish (more info)
$35.00 per pipe
 Yes, perform a Works finish for each pipe I am shipping to you for repair.

The Cone Finish (more info)
$125.00 per pipe
 Yes, perform a Cone finish for each pipe I am shipping to you for repair.

Let us professionally repack your Silencer. (more info)
$35.00 per Silencer
Select number of Silencers you are shipping to us to be repacked:

Pipe O-ring and Spring Kits (more info)
$12.99 per pipe
*KTM kits are O-Rings only, no springs
 Yes, send me a kit for each pipe I am shipping to you for repair. Fender Decals (check it out)
$10.00 a pair
Quantity: pair T-Shirt
(check it out)
$20.00 each

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