1980-1989 Dent Repair

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Add a Pipe O-Ring and Spring Set or a Silencer Repack to your order.

Works and Cone finish cannot be done on chrome or nickel plated pipes

Repairing vintage pipes is a tricky endeavor. The different configurations of pipes, the condition of the metal, previous attempted repairs, etc. all make it very difficult to predict. Therefore you need to read and agree to the following list of conditions before you send us your vintage pipe. We realize that these conditions may seem harsh but you need to understand the diverse nature of vintage pipe repair and know that the likelihood of getting back a "perfect" pipe is not very good. Our motto here... "Under promise and over deliver".

To that end, here are our conditions for repairing your vintage pipe:

  • We only do vintage 2-stroke pipes, NO vintage 4-strokes. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • We cannot repair any pipe where the silencer is part of the pipe itself. The silencer must be fully detachable from the expansion chamber.
  • We do not have jigs for the older pipes and therefore cannot guarantee a perfect fit. We will get it as close as possible but you may have to do some adjusting on your own.
  • The pipe must be all there. If there are pieces or parts blown out or missing, we will not proceed with the repair.
  • We don't have enough time to grind away any previous welding that has been done in order to redo them.
  • We reserve the right to decline to repair any pipe we deem not repairable. Your repair fee will be returned but you are still responsible for the shipping costs both ways.
  • You understand and agree that we are attempting to give you back a pipe that is functional, but not necessarily, "show" quality. If you are restoring a bike and want it to look like new again, find somewhere to buy a new pipe.

Pricing structure is as follows:
1980-1989 $125 | pre 1980 $160

These prices apply to the majority of vintage pipes but are not absolute. We reserve the right to either decline to repair your pipe for that fee or quote you a higher fee (prior to repair and agreed to by you) in order to cover our time on your vintage pipe. However, we will not charge you more than the stated price without your prior approval.\

  • In most cases, shipping costs are the same as newer pipes. However, if your pipe requires an oversized box, you will be charged for our exact shipping cost (which would be more than our flat rate for newer pipes as posted on our website). However, there will not be any handling or other charges added on to the oversized box charge.
  • Pacific Crest Pipe Repair is not responsible in any way for the condition of your pipe before or after the repair. You take all the responsibility and risk.
  • Pacific Crest Pipe Repair will do the best job possible...within reason. We will weld cracks or small holes, remove dents, straighten the pipe as best we can, and where applicable, repaint the pipe with a high temp, flat black paint. We will try our best to give you results that you will be happy with. However, we are not magicians and therefore you understand that in some cases, there is only so much we can do.
  • There is no "turn-around" guarantee with vintage pipes. Many times we will be able to repair them the same day and ship them out the next day. However, your pipe could be in the shop as long as 10 days.
  • You understand that if we proceed to repair your pipe, we do so on a "best efforts" basis and therefore we will not refund your repair or shipping fees for ANY reason.

    I have read ALL of the terms and conditions above. By placing an order, I understand them and agree to them.